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This option gives you a 30 day supply of Hypitrol. That's 60 Capsules. Hypitrol is easy to take. You just take one capsule in the morning and one at night.
What Our Customers Have to Say

Dina Barnett, CA

My anxiety and being unfocused has diminished considerably. I am feeling a big difference in my energy and my sleep patterns have improved. I would wake up every two hours and now I am sleeping a full six hours in a row, and if and when I wake up I can fall back asleep to get a good 8 hours. I am waking up with more energy. The weight is coming off slowly but I need to walk more. I also had my tonsils removed in December and I know this surgery can cause weight gain. Love your product, it is a life saver!! 

Heather Ematitas, MA

"When my doctor diagnosed me with inactive thyroid (hypo-thyroidism), i was put on Synthroid 50mg/day and i was told that it would be a medication to be taken for the rest of my life. I didn't like the sound of it and i definitely didn't want to hooked on something for the rest of my life. I looked up on the web for highly effective thyroid supplements to augment my thyroid function and I chanced upon Puremedica's Hypitrol and started taking 2 capsules per day. I ditched the Synthroid and just placed complete faith on Hypitrol. I got my blood work (T3,T4 & TSH) done after 4 months and was amazed to find my levels back to normal (T3=4.7pmol/L, T4=14.1pmol/L and TSH=3.1mU/L). 

Wendy Meyers IA

I was diagnosed with an under active Thyroid earlier this year & as a consequence was told I would have to take medication for the rest of my life. As I believe in alternative therapies I started to research for a natural solution. I came across your Hypitrol product, after investigating I decided to give it a try. To my amazement within 48 hours I started to feel so much better, I continued with the supplement for a further 6 weeks before having my blood work checked again to be told by a very amazed doctor that it was now within the normal levels. I have this supplement on a repeat order, as do many I have referred to you. I can’t recommend this enough


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